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WallStAnalyst.com (WSA) is your ‘One Stop Hub’ to find sensible stock analysis based on sound research, financial model and technical analysis – all of which are actionable to enable you to make timely investment decisions on the equity market. While our work is unbiased, we are nonetheless subjective when it comes to putting your interest first.

We are focused on creating high quality models and reports which are balanced, rigorous and provide succinct investable ideas. Equipped with cutting edge research tools, data sources and reports which are mostly used by institutional investors, we provide you with top quality timely research available only, till now, to the big guys.

Our aim: Bringing serious Wall Street quality research, without the bias, to the individual investor.


Is a collaborative effort of Economists, Engineers, MBAs & Tech geeks who contribute to the development and growth of Wall St Analyst.

Raqueem Khan effortlessly finds out the logic behind the numbers and infallibly gets a fresh perspective and vision to the current global market trends. Having worked as an analyst with the WNS before joining WSA, he has a good exposure to international markets. In his spare time, Raqueem is a fitness fanatic who turns into a secular at the very sight of greasy food. Struck by wanderlust, he loves to interact with people, explore new places and cultures across the globe. Raqueem will give you his thoughts on some of top companies in the US and Indian stock market. Follow his blogs and Hot off The Wire articles to be up to date with some of those Blue chip stocks you love.