How to Self Publish a Book

Self publishing a book is about a lot more than just getting your book written and formatted: There are a few more steps to the self publishing process once your book has been published – and you can’t skip over any of these essentials if you want to be a successful self published author.

The difference between authors who publish and authors who publish and then get their work read can be summed up in one simple word: Promotion.

Effectively promoting your work means better sales, and it can mean building up a following of readers who return back to buy your next book as well as turning some of your work into potential classics of the self published market.

Sounds good? It’s all about promotion.

Here are a few great ways to approach promotion when you’re self published.

List the Book on Your Website

As any self-respecting writer will tell you, you need a website to promote yourself: It’s where people go to find more information about you and your latest work. If you’ve recently published your book or already have a release date in mind for one that’s about to be published, use your website as the first place to promote it.

It’s your book and there’s no doubt that you’re proud of it once it’s seen the light of day. So list it on your website where more people can see it!

Find Interviews

Interviews are a great way to get your name (and information about your work) to the outside world. Call up some local radio stations and ask them if they would be interested in an interview. Especially where it’s a local station, most are more than happy with a unique chance to fill up some live space with a cool interview – especially if you’ve just published a debut novel in town.

Arrange a Local Release

Book releases and fan signings aren’t just for established authors. It’s an essential part of the writing experience that all published writers should have. If you’re a self published writer, it means you’ll need a more hands-on approach to see a book release happen – but this doesn’t make it impossible by any means.

Arrange a local release: Contact local bookstores and coffee shops and ask if they would be willing to host a local author (that’s you!) for a few hours. Most are happy to say yes – and it’s a unique chance for promotion that give readers and writers a chance to personally connect.

Let People Know

Meeting people gives you a chance to let them know that you’re a writer. Talking to people is one of the best ways to promote your book – and doing it through social media can give you international reach. How else will people know that you have a book to offer if you aren’t actively telling them? Websites like your blog and Facebook where you already have an existing fan-base are a great place to drum up publicity even before you publish.

Free Excerpts

If you take the time to look for them, there are many great and unique markets out there that are willing to publish excerpts of your book. Some of them pay and some of them don’t – but getting paid shouldn’t be your only goal here.

Publish a few excerpts of your published book in as many different places and markets as you can. Doing this can be a great help for getting more people to read (and finally buy) your novel.

Excerpts are especially great because they give you a chance to catch the interested reader and entice them enough to want to read the rest.