Our Services

Wall St. Analyst is a premier provider of financial research and analysis for the individual investor. We deliver unbiased investment ideas in stocks, bonds and alternative assets available to the retail investor.

Our publications include :–

  • Research Desk
    • WSA Market Monitoring
    • Customer’s Morning Letter
    • Hot Off The Wire
  • Reports
    • Sector Reports
    • Company Reports

WSA Market Monitoring

This daily publication collates and analyzes economic, political and financial information from around the globe. We focus on news which affects markets which are easily accessible to the American retail investor. This primarily includes US stocks and foreign stocks listed in US exchanges, important commodities like gold and silver, better known foreign exchange pairs and the US real estate markets.

Customer’s Morning Letter

A daily technical analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, its underlying thirty stocks and the sector indexes in the S&P 500. Every morning, before the markets open, we analyze price and volume movements to create charts which forecast the price movement for that day and for the short term. The daily report is essential for the day trader trying to make quick buy-sell decisions; the short term investor hoping to extract value from a set of large and liquid stocks; and also for the tactical short term allocation of the long horizon investor.

Sector Reports

Wall St. Analyst sector reports are thorough 20+ page publications on industries and sectors. The reports contain extensive research done by our team of analysts. The primary focus of these reports is the fundamental macroeconomic drivers which affects the sector and how an investor should use that information to create value for their portfolio. These reports also contain synopsis of the major stocks in these sectors. These are produced on demand and/or every two months based on a sector that our researchers are following.

Company Reports

Wall St. Analyst company reports are detailed 10+ page reports on individual stocks. Our focus is on fundamental analysis, but it is augmented with market moving news, events and technical analysis. These reports are useful for both the long-term value investor and also for the short term tactical investor. These are available on demand and/ or every two weeks to one month.