The US equities market is the largest in the world by market cap. At more than $ 18 trillion, it is nearly six times the size of its nearest contender, China. Equity markets tend to be a leading indicator of some of the most important economic data – including US GDP. But, what is the leading indicator that investors need to know to invest in equities?

The three pillars of equities investing are economic analysis, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Economic analysis provides a broad overview of how the markets will perform and how different industries will be affected, depending on where we are in the business cycle. This ties in directly with fundamental analysis, which looks at the strengths and weaknesses of a firm – by analyzing its market power, its position in the industry and also its financial statements.

While economic and fundamental analysis can provide amazing long term returns in the equities markets (think, Warren Buffet!), technical analysis – with its arsenal of charts, figures and patterns can help investor make tactical short to medium term investments.

Our analysts have extensive experience in all three – and we will look at firms across the US, of varying sizes and in every industry, using all types of analysis. And using a variety of industry specific metrics, we will provide analysis which will help the individual investor to invest for the long term, but also make tactical investments and gather profits for the short term.