The 24*5 foreign exchange markets are usually the only place where individual investors can gain leverage at a 1:100 levels. This makes the market risky and we urge our readers to tread with caution when using leverage. Having mentioned that, we also must discuss the attractiveness of the currency markets.

Trading in pairs, currency markets allow individual investors to play in a global market and to take a macro perspective. The complexity of macroeconomic variables is sometimes missed out by many, and long term trends tend to be missed out. But, if you can understand why the safe haven status of the US, or read between the lines of the Euro Zone debt crisis – this is a market that you need to be in.

In the short term, technical analysis is the most used tool in Forex markets. The signals provided by technical charts, patterns and indicators have been successfully used my many investors to significantly improve their portfolios. It has also helped them diversify into an asset with low correlation with other markets.

Our analysts will provide you with long term macro commentary and short term technical signals to help you make sense of this complex global market place.