Real Estate

The US real estate markets were known to be one of the most resilient; and that home prices might fall was not something usually considered since the Great Depression of the 30s. But, the recession of 2008 changed that and real estate prices in many vibrant markets fell more than 30% – 40%.

While real estate prices are stabilizing again and we are observing some significant interest from the investing community in previously hard hit markets, prices are far away from their 2007-2008 peaks.
The low interest rates and enormous support from the government through the agencies, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the true picture of real estate markets is difficult to assess.

All real estate is local – and a thorough knowledge of micro data and situation is essential to property investing. Our analysts have a broad exposure in analyzing real estate data and finding pockets of opportunity among the daily doom and gloom reports. We are an independent firm providing financial analysis – and that independence allows us to provide you with our unbiased studies of real estate markets.