WSA Philosophy

Investing is not about the quick, sharp gains that you mention to your friends or colleagues. It is not buying the $50 stock at 50c during the recession – the firm then gets bailed out and the stock moves up to $5 – making you feel like the boss of the markets. Neither is it a chance investment in a college dropout nephew’s startup, which goes on to make you a millionaire. These are mostly chance encounters with success and have little to do with smart investing.

Most successful traders admit that it is not their analysis but their discipline that makes them successful. Analyze and decide when to get in and when to get out, based on your risk appetite and return needs, and then stick to the decision.

At Wall St. Analyst, we always provide a clear target on entry and exit points, while mentioning stop losses in every step. We want you to enjoy the benefits of being an informed investor without the sharp losses or volatility to your portfolio which comes with investing in the volatile equity markets.

Our analysis is divided up in three parts – two parts fundamental and one part technical.

We begin our analysis with detailed industry studies which also closely relate to the economic scenario. Even if you are a fantastic stock picker, if you do not analyze the future of the industry or where in the economic cycle the industry hurts, you will never make a smart equity investment.

We then analyze individual firms to judge their competitiveness in their industries and also perform a detailed scan of their financial reports and adjust earnings with those one time numbers.

We follow this up with a technical analysis of the stock’s price and volume movements to analyze the short term sentiments. We use multiple accepted methods of charting to confirm the near-term direction.

It is only when all three parts of our analysis adds up that we provide you the green signal.